Whisky Q&A | Colin D Ellis

What’s your favourite whisky and why?

Kilchoman Machir Bay. I’m a big fan of Islay whiskies and this is a beauty as it has subtle citrus fruit notes and the peat smoke isn’t too overpowering

Have you ever met a whisky you didn’t like?

There are definitely some whiskies that don’t suit my palate, but I’m more likely to move onto something else rather than linger on the fact that I didn’t like something.

If you could visit any distillery in the world where would you go?

The Mars Shinsu Distillery in Japan, for the views alone!

What is the most exciting thing happening in whisky right now?

For me, it’s the fact that whisky is losing its hipster tag and becoming more accessible.

What’s the biggest misconception about whisky?

That it’s ‘too strong’. The alcohol percentage of whisky is similar to that of vodka, yet people have no issue with trying different vodkas. There’s a whisky out there for every palate.

I want to introduce a friend to whisky - what’s the best way to dip a toe in ‘the water of life’?

Find a whisky bar and do a tasting session with someone who really knows their stuff. They’ll make sure that they’re not put off with their first glass!

Why should I come on The Whisky Trip?

It’s a chance to discover the origins and culture of whisky distilling, with like-minded people in a spectacular setting.